The edifying life of late Mother Martha, the first Superior General who went to her eternal reward on14 February 1951, inspired SD Raymond FC Mascarenhas to erect a fitting memorial. He expressed his desire to Fr Eduardo B Noronha the then parish priest of Mudigere and the latter willingly supported the idea to start a Convent and a school in Mudigere. On 24May 1953 Sunday, St Martha’s Convent was opened in Mudigere along with Nursery School, Primary School and a Boarding. On 29 July 1969 feast of St Martha a Home for the poor children was opened. Most Rev. Bishop Alphonsus Mathias presided over the Programme. Fr Fulgence Lopez blessed the house.

The construction of St Martha’s Hostel, an independent building with adequate space and facilities was completed on 10March 1997 funded by Missio, Germany and from 1996 the Holy Childhood Society gives partial financial support for the maintenance of these children in the boarding. The school as well as the boarding house has become acradle for vocations over the years. There are 95 students studying in the boarding from standard I to II PUC and among them 15 are Catholics. On the whole all students are doing well in their studies. The parents are happy and supportive.

St Martha’s hostel aims forming integrated persons by creating a sense of human sisterhood in them. It equips the student to live harmoniously with neighbourhood families. Importance is given to their faith and character formation. Those children who have single parents or are neglected by both or orphansare bestowed special love and care. They are offered family atmosphere and every effort is made to instil in them awareness that they are created in the image and likeness of God. Healthy habits are inculcated from the very beginning. A flexible time table is followed that is suitable for their needs and circumstances. Every month they have group activities and cultural programme. Children actively participate in the school programmes. They are encouraged to come forward and become self-confident. Festivals like Children’s day, Christmas are celebrated. Sports and other group activities are conducted. Sr Veronica is the present warden of the Hostel.


St Martha’s Convent,   Mudigere post

Chikkmagalur , DT: 577132

Telephone No 9611414182
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Year of Establishment June 1, 1953
Warden Sr Veena Laveena BS
Correspondent Sr Molly Thomas BS




Sr Veena Laveena BS



Sr Molly Thomas BS


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