A beautiful ministry to which our revered Founder gave the uttermost importance in his life and inculcated the same to his daughters in Bethany Sacred Heart Students’ Home was begun in the year 2018 with five students initially, after the Students’ Home was inaugurated on March 19th 2018. Thereafter, the numbers of students kept increasing. This Students’ Home was begun with the purpose of reaching out our services to the poor and backward catholic girls hailing from different parishes of Simla Chandigarh Diocese. These young girls have been growing beautifully under the guiding hands of number of wardens namely, Sr Rose Margaret, Sr Theresa Antony, Sr Nynette, Sr Preetiwanti Bodra and presently Sr Delicia assisted by Sr Preetiwanti Bodra.

There are 13 Students presently, hailing from different parishes from Simla- Chandigarh Diocese. Their presence is a joy to the community. Most of them do well in  their  studies  while  others  need  to  make  lot  of  efforts  in  their  study.


  • Hostel time table is set according to summer and winter seasons.
  • All of them actively participate in the Eucharistic celebration daily.
  • Once in a week they conduct the Liturgy and Rosary and twice a week Mass readings.
  • Every Sunday they conduct the Liturgy in the church. Sr.Veronica gives them singing practice, helps and guides them in this regard.
  • They keep hostel building clean by doing the respective duties like class room, dormitory, wash room, and help in the kitchen.
  • On Sundays they have group wise kitchen turn.
  • Every day after the recreation they pray Night Prayer followed by study.
  • They have games from 5:00 pm to 5:45 pm daily.
  • They have regular sacrament of reconciliation.
  • Good nourishing food is provided.
  • Faith formation and catechism are taught.
  • When they are sick they are well taken care off.
  • They are accompanied well by the warden, studies are monitored, and weaker students are given more attention.
  • Christmas was celebrated on 22nd December before they left for their homes. Special prayer was conducted by Sr Veronica and Sr Delicia and they were greeted for Christmas with cakes, gifts and delicious dinner.


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