Nagaland is the land of Nagas. The Christ King Convent is located in Bara Basti village of Kohima. ‘Bara’ means ‘Big’ and ‘Basti’ means ‘village’ (Big Village). This village ranks 2nd big village in Asia, so it has a historical background. The people of Bara-Basti take pride in this name and in this village too. Bethany sisters came to Kohima in 1969 invited by the Bishop of that time. The first Convent was known as ‘Christ King Convent’ under Christ the King Church. The pioneers of the Convent were Sr Loyola BS, Sr Jolinta BS, Sr Connelly BS and Sr Delis BS. These sisters were involved mainly in educational apostolate. Apart from this work, they were also involved in pastoral work. Late senior catechist Mr Philip and many other well-wishers appreciated our sisters for their pastoral work. Many Government Officials also have high regards and appreciation for sisters.

In 1971 the sisters opened a hostel for girls who lived far away from the church but desired to attend schools in Christ King Hr Sec School, Kohima and others in Don Bosco College. Parents felt happy to place them under the care of sisters. After opening the hostel, the sisters taught the children to pray, to sing the praises of God, to conduct liturgy etc. They also visited families and helped in the pastoral work of the church. Even to this day, the sisters carry on this mission with love and dedication.

In 1973 after the completion of the convent building, the sisters and hostellers shifted to the Convent Block. On half is given to sisters and the other half to the hostellers. The children are happy and ever joyful. The hostel provides them a home away from home, spiritual nourishment, good night talks, Sacraments, medical facilities, good and wholesome food, picnics, etc. Hostel ministry is a blessing for Bethany Congregation to get vocations to consecrated life. Sr Mary Naulak from Manipur who was in the hostel was the first vocation for Bethany in 1986 and a few more have joined us thereafter.

Currently there are 30 hostellers who attend Christ King Hr Sec School, Kohima, Don Bosco Hr Sec and Don Bosco College, Kohima. Sr Margaret is the Warden and Sr Therese assists her. Sr Stella the Superior, Sr Berlinda, Sr Margaret and Sr Therese – all four work hand in hand in making the lives our children bright and beautiful.


Christ King Girls’ Hostel

Kohima, Nagaland-797001

Telephone No. 7005852967
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Year of Establishment 1971
Warden Sr Mary Guite BS
Correspondent/ Local Manager Sr Therese Rothangpuii BS

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