Bethany Nilaya Hostel at Chinthalapudi, Andhra was started on 25 June 2009 with 20 girls studying in the English Medium School at Anthony Nagar under the management of the Bethany Educational Society. The hostel is situated on the first floor of the Convent. The hostel building was constructed with the financial help from Manos Unidas in the year 2008. At present there are 10 girls.

The people of the locality are illiterate and they send their daughters in marriage at very young, namely at the age of 13. Boys are sent to rear sheep and buffaloes. So it is the need of the time to motivate the parents to send their children to school. The maintenance of the hostel is done by Bethany Educational Society. People consider our presence hereas a boon to the society. Sr Josephine John BS is the Superior and Sr Annie George BS is the hostel warden. We are grateful to BES management.


Bethany Nilaya Chinthalapudi PO, West Gadavari Dist, Andhra Pradesh

Telephone No 8754657921
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Year of Establishment 2009
Warden Sr Arul Jeno BS
Correspondent Sr Arul Jeno BS


Sr Arul Jenob BS
Correspondent & Warden


Students of the Hostel


Hostel Building








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