Sr. James was a great teacher, mentor and guide.
She had completed eight years of her association
 with St. Vincent’s Convent School, Berhampur.
As a co-ordinator of the school, she did very well.
She was very particular about English pronunciation,
vocabulary and handwriting. She would usually be found reading English newspapers or journals. She was humble, soft spoken, kind and compassionate. She, being a sister led a pious life without any hatred towards anyone and she just loved the people around her, loved the children and all the sisters.

Though, she was a diabetic patient she never complained about her pain. A day before her death I personally asked her about her health. She replied, “I have a little pain in my foot”. But as usual, ever smiling she would again say, I am ok”. She was so good that there are no words to express. On one occasion someone complained about my teaching of English. Investigation was made on the matter. But Sr. James came to me and said “ Rabia, children love you and your teaching. Your English is good and you speak well.” Those words still ring in my ears as I thought it was a feather to my crown.

She was very loving and caring and followed the teaching of the congregation religiously. She sometimes took demo classes of the teachers. The last speech of hers was memorable. We were bidding farewell to Mrs. M. Padmashree, one of our favourite teachers. Though she was trembling and her eyes were filled with tears, still with a strong will power she completed her speech.

Her love for knowledge was immense. She loved learning till her last day. She was very particular about her work and did it meticulously.

Fifty seven years of selfless service to the community makes her simply great. Worried about her loved ones, her siblings , she had many queries which I answered sometimes. Her meditation sessions in the morning will always be memorable. Usually she was asked to be a judge in many competitions. The song “My mother”, was always sung by her beautifully.

She was an embodiment of love, knowledge and care. Hats off to her service for all these years May God bless her in paradise and let Sr. James be an inspiration for all of us.

“Life is a succession of lessons which has to be lived to be understood.”-Helen Keller.


Teacher: Mrs. Rabia Shadmani
St Vincent's Convent School, Berhampur



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