Covid –19 the fear factor

                                                                           The roads are empty, the crowds too small,
                                                                           And no trace of life outside, none at all.
                                                                           Every human is locked up in their house,
                                                                           And the sunny play ground,
                                                                           Now look bleak
                                                                           Why does our world look so desolate now?
                                                                           What a silly question even a toddler
                                                                           would have the answer.
                                                                           Cause there’s a monster out there,
                                                                           It is tinier than our cells
                                                                           But cause a huge pandemic
                                                                           If it enter our body, it may wreak it
                                                                          When can we really be free?
                                                                          When can we stick our head out?
                                                                          When will the clown arrive?
                                                                          Oh come on! Let us await that day.

Hillary Lalhriatchhungi
Mary Mount School, Aizwal

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