It’s Christmas! It’s a season of celebrations, festivities and rejoicing. It’s a time to be joyful, blissful and delightful. It’s a time to radiate goodness, splendour and beauty. At this juncture, let me greet you a happy Christmas and pray for blessings from Jesus the Prince of Peace. At this time of the year, the New Year 2019 is also at hand; as we usher into it, let me pray for special graces. May God hold our lives in his sacred hands and lead us where we dare not go!

Dear friends, as we step into 2019 what overpowers on one side is gratitude and on the other, hope; gratitude for the past and hope for the future. Gratitude overwhelms for the blessings that we have received and goodness that we have experienced. That reminds me of God did to Jimmy. He gave to Jimmy two boxes in his hands, one with golden colour and the other black. “Put all your sorrows in the black box” God said and your joys in the golden. He heeded and in two boxes he stored his joys and sorrows. The golden box became heavier each day and the black was light as before. With curiosity, he opened the black to find out why it was lighter. Jimmy saw that at the bottom of the box there was a hole through which all his sorrows were falling out. He asked God why he made two boxes differently, black box with a hole and the other without a hole. God smiled and said, “My child the gold is to put your blessings and the black to let go pains and sorrows!”

Dear friends as each day passes in the New Year let the golden box within us grow heavier and the black box lighter. Certainly, the New Year will bring blessings in plenty. At the same time, there will be challenges of varied types. Let us not be cowards when waves override us or storms strike us. Rather, face life with courage and confidence, faith and perseverance, with equanimity and serenity. We shall accept tests and trials as blessings in disguise. I Pray that the light within us overcome darkness, Hope overcome despair, Love overcome hatred, Life erase the shadow of death and peace overcome division. Remember….

You are a fountain of love:
Let this fountain flow without ceasing.
You are a bundle of joy:
Let this joy overflow without limits.
You are an embodiment of peace:
Spread this peace wherever you go.
You are a treasure of kindness:
May this kindness touch every heart.
You are an ocean of patience:
Let this patience bear fruit in action.
You are a miracle of generosity:
Allow this generosity to gush forth without conditions.
You are a gift of gentleness:
Allow this gentleness to make your relationships pleasant.









    Sr Mariette BS



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