The bygone academic year 2021-2022 was full of uncertainties, anguish and distress triggered by a two year long ‘Covid-19’ pandemic which brought in its wake a-never heard of before-era of lockdowns. With providential help and from your unceasing prayers and support we have faced these challenging times. Thankfully the students have answered their exams in the physical mode after almost 2 years. This has come as a welcome relief to the teaching staff and students alike as they are again able to enter the portals of their beloved schools and colleges without fear and mishaps. The summer vacation will certainly help the students and staff to look forward for a promising academic year 2022-2023, a hopeful new normal.

Change is the only unchangeable phenomenon of life; none can escape. It is the most powerful law of nature and is as natural as Life. Let us welcome this change for better and explore new opportunities and look for a fulfilling academic year ahead. The XVII General Chapter of the Congregation of the Bethany Sisters as we all know has brought in a change in the office of the General administration of the Congregation. The Bethany Educational Society welcomes most gracefully and lovingly Sr Rose Celine BS, the Superior General and President of BES for the second term. We also congratulate her and her team chosen as the torch bearers and make Bethany even more relevant today.

It is my privilege and good fortune to introduce the new administrative team:
Sr Rose Celine BS – Superior General and President, BES, Mangalore
Sr Shanthi Priya BS – Asst Superior General, Vice President, BES, Mangalore
Sr Mariette BS – II Councillor, Member, BES, Mangalore
Sr Santhosh Maria - III Councillor, Member, BES, Mangalore
Sr Sandhya BS - IV Councillor, Secretary, BES, Mangalore

I would like to place on record with gratitude, the commitment and dedication of Sr Mariette the outgoing Education Secretary and Chief Editor of Suvidhya Lahari. She has left no stone unturned in achieving the goals of education. Under her dynamic and innovative initiatives Suvidya Lahari has got a qualitative touch. Nothing deterred her from achieving the goals set for BES however tough the going might have been. Suvidhya Lahari gratefully acknowledges the valuable services and contributions of Sr Mariette and wishes her well in her future mission of love.

Peace is a fundamental requirement and education is the best weapon for peace. Let us uphold the Vision, Goal and Core values of BES with a special focus on peace education and strive earnestly to make education an enriching experience to our students and fill them with a sense of confidence, peace and hope.
Suvidya Lahari is the best connecting link that unites all BES Institutions and gives new impetus to achieve better. My sincere request to each one of you my dear students and teachers is to continue to support Suvidya Lahari with your insightful and simulating writing skills and keep it ever alive, attractive and fruit bearing. Let us all be achievers in spite of all the challenges and draw inspiration from Robert H Goddard who says:

“It is difficult to say what is impossible, for the dream of yesterday is the hope of today and the reality of tomorrow.”

Sr Sandhya BS
Secretary, BES






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