May 28: The Bethany Educational Society under the guidance of Sr Mariette the Secretary of the Bethany Educational Society and the Correspondent of St Theresa's School, Bendur conducted an orientation programme for the teachers of St Theresa School, Bendur, Mangalore on 27 May 2019 in the School Main Hall. Dr Alwyn Dsa Associate Professor of English and Director of Admin Block of St Aloysius College Mangalore and Mr Stephen Quadros the Associate Professor at Government First Grade College for Women Puttur were the resource persons for the day. Mrs Shilly Prakash introduced the Resource persons and Sr Philomene the Principal welcomed them with a plant. The session began with prayer and made us aware of how each individual is important. The sessions highlighted that communication is a very important and effective tool in the teaching and learning process. To create a cohesive society, to realise that every thought word and action of ours is important and to be an effective communicator inside the classroom The session ended with a note stop focussing on how stressed you are but to remember how blessed we are. The activities were interesting reflective and theoretical which has helped us to make the rest of our life the best of our life, to deal with resistance and build a creative open environment. We thank the Management, Sr Mariette the Secretary and our Principal Sr Philomene for enriching us with this opportunity.

Day 2
The Second segment of the Annual Orientation Programme for the teachers was held on Tuesday 28th May, 2019 at 9:00 a.m. at the main hall in St Theresa’s School, Bendur, Mangaluru.  Sr Shilpa Mary BS, Pioneer Principal of St Theresa’s School and presently head of the Bethany Convent School Naini, Allahabad, and U.P Prayagraj was the resource person for the day.

Sr Shilpa enlightened the gathering on the topic “Capacity building programme on class-room management”. She shared her knowledge on the importance of social values, the proper etiquette to welcome children on the first day of school and how to manage the class-room.  She said that the class teacher is accountable to everything that is happening in the class because they are the teacher’s children.  She also spoke about creating an environment that supports and facilitates academic, social and emotional learning that could be achieved through effective class-room management skills, creativity and motivation.  
She articulated the difference between class-room management and discipline and said that management is effective in keeping discipline but discipline is not management.

The resource person also conveyed to the audience the importance of understanding the concept multiple intelligences namely VARK (Visual, Auditory, Read and Write, Kinesthetic) and how teachers should be aware and quick to figure out the type of intelligence the child responds to. She said that not all children respond to only one type of intelligence and hence teachers should engage in different activities like story telling, group discussion pictures etc. to ensure maximum learning for the child.
In the second session held on the same day, Sr Shilpa focussed on the topic “Physical Arrangement in the classroom”.  She urged the teachers to make use of the resources available in and around the class room for effective teaching learning process and to have set classroom rules involving students.  She proposed for the teachers to keep in mind the five P’s namely prompt, productive, polite, prepared and patient.

To make the theme of the session compelling the seating arrangement was like a classroom and the teachers were involved in group-activities. Handouts were given to enable them to fully take in the experience of a potent and operative classroom arrangement.
The resource person was welcomed by Mrs Ritty D’Souza followed by a prayer service led by Sr Shanthi D’Souza

The second day of the classroom management orientation started with prayer led by Sr Shilpa.  The topic for the days session was “Non Violent Communication” (NVC)
She started the session by explaining that the needs are universal and violence begins when ones needs are not met.

To enhance non- violent communication observation, feelings, needs and requests are the four essential steps.  The teacher should know the strength and capacity of her students, their interests and group them accordingly for an effective teaching learning process.

The session was an interactive one with the participation of all the teachers. Mrs Sunatra proposed the vote of thanks.

DAY 3 – 29.05.2019 (Afternoon)
The workshop on ‘Freedom from within: Building self esteem’ was conducted by Sr Agnesia in the afternoon session on 29.05.2019. The session began with the explanation of self esteem in a very detailed way.  The importance of self esteem in our lives and the reasons which influences a person’s self esteem were explained in a meaningful way.  The resource person showed the difference between low self esteem, high self esteem and inflated self esteem by giving many personal experiences in a humorous way.

Everyone was made to understand that true freedom comes from within only when we allow it.  The speaker explained very beautifully that freedom from within should be possesed by all and that the most free person in the world is the one who has nothing to hide.

Day 4-30.05.2019

The 4th day of Orientation was On Child protection policy and its implications in the classroom by Mr. Preetham Rodrigues  Director of Inchara Foundation, member of CWC and Founder of Project Angel. He has conducted programmes for around 35000 children 7000 adults.

The session began with listing out expectations from the teachers for the session. Role plays were conducted showing teacher- student and teachers – parent relationships. Group discussion on developmental milestones for three age groups namely 3-6 years, 6-12 years and 12-18 years were held. The interventions on various behaviours of these children were discussed and problems arising due to missing interventions were discussed.

We were made aware of the different kinds of abuses such as physical, emotional and sexual. We had to prepare a collage on positive and negative articles on children using news papers.

This workshop was useful and through his insights, knowledge and experience  Mr. Preetham made this session an interesting one.

Afternoon Session was by Sr Mariette BS, Secretary BES & Correspondent of St. Theresa's school on the topic Looking ahead through 2019-2020

Sr. Mariette welcomed the teachers for the new academic year. She lauded the achievements of the teachers for their work in achieving 100% results and proudly honoured them with a rose.

Sr.Mariette thanked the outgoing Vice Principal Sr.Shanthi and Sr. Saritha for their selfless services to the school.  She wished them well as they take on new responsibilities in the coming year. She welcomed heartily the newly appointed Vice Principal  Sr.Lourdes  and the new members of the staff – Sr Severine Pinto,  Sr Eulalia, Mrs Dhanya, Mrs Carol Rodrigues and assured them her prayers.

Sr. Mariette stressed on the need to be united as a family in building a community where there is peace, empowerment of girl child and excellence in education and harmonious relationship which are the priorities of BES. The need is to focus on giving life as it was the Vision and Goal of our Father Founder Msgr.R.F.C.Mascrenhas.
We are grateful to the BES Management for this great opportunity to empower ourselves in order to empower others.


St Theresa’s School, Bendur































































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