Nov 30: It was a great event for Bethany students to participate in the School Parliament election of 2021- 22. On 26 October 2021 the contesters introduced and requested the students to vote for them. The beauty of the election was that the students were given a symbol related to education such as pen, pencil, back board, microscope etc. Under the leadership of Mohan Sir, the High School students arranged six booths as SPL, ASPL, Speaker, Health, Education and Sports. Silent canvassing was allowed for two days before the election. Different duties were distributed to the teachers.

Parliament members confidentially came forward to say YES to God through Bethany. Holding the lighted candle in the right hand and VOW paper on the other, knelt in the presence of the Principal and gathering, pronounced their faithfulness towards the duties and responsibilities. Each of them signed on the paper and the Principal accepted their promise.

SPL was congratulated and honoured with the garland and shwal. Each of them came forward to express words of gratitude. The Principal called all those participants who lost in the election and invited the teachers to offer them the flower to appriciate the courage of the students to face failure and move forward with hope.








Sr Josphin John, Principal
Bethany Eng Med School, Uppudi






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