April 09: A day of great joy for the students of St. Joseph's as they dedicated this day to serve the needy! It was overwhelming to see the students and the teachers willingly donated whatever small amount of cash they could, which finally added up to Rs 10000 was given to Mrs. Machamma to fulfill her needs. Mrs. Vishalakshmi, a teacher at our school generously offered goodies and Sr. Leena D'Costa Koflet lozenge and all of us joined and visited old age and disabled home at Dornahally & distributed with lots of love representing St. Joseph’s High School. Sr. Betty D’Costa, the headmistress, motivated and thanked the students and teachers who whole heartedly supported this cause. To inculcate the importance of Social Service in students, videos of Mother Teresa and Auto Raja were shown.

The first week of March was indeed a satisfying one at St Josephs, as the students learnt a valuable lesson of lending a helping hand towards the needy. The theme of Social Work for the year 2022 is "The Time is now," and it was indeed a great time to see the students actively involve towards the noble cause of social service! On this day we also celebrated the "Girl Child Day" and made the day of an under previlaged student happy with a beautiful dress. Mr. Shrinivasaya, a retired inspector presented to the school 3 dual desks. His kind gesture was reciprocated by our school with a shawl and a memento.

Indeed a day to remember and ponder on the verses from the Bible that “Whoever is generous to the poor lends to the Lord, and he will repay him for his deed.”











Sr. Betty D’Costa, the Headmistress
St. Joseph’s High School, K.R. Nagar


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