Peace Education for teachers on 22.10.2022

Gulabi Primary and High school, Jayamahal, Bangalore organised a half- a day’s orientation session for the teachers towards Peace Education by Fr Cedric Prakash SJ. He explained the interrelated, complementing, directional and distinct dimensions of Peace Education -7 ‘C’s: Compassion, Conscientization, Competency, Critical, Creative, Collaborative, and Constitutionality. He spoke on the current socio-economic-political realities of India and explained with examples articles No. 19 (freedom of speech and expression), No. 21 A (The Right to Education) and No 25 (Freedom of Religion and Belief) from the Constitution of India. The question that he posed to the group as to what each one as educators should be doing towards peace was discussed by all teachers in groups. This enlightened us in view of our responsibility as teachers to bring about peace and harmony in classroom and school set up. There is a need to promote, protect and respect the rights of all. All of us felt the need to promote the Constitutional values of dignity, unity, diversity, integrity and equality in our work place and neighbourhood.



Peace Education for students on 27.10.2022
Fr Cedric Prakash started the session for students of class 8, 9 and 10 a total of 343 of them by giving examples of inspirational teens. Malala Yousfzai , a Pakistani female education activist, Greta Thunberg, a Swedish environmental activist who raised her voice against global warming and Disha Ravi who is an Indian (Bangalore) youth climate change activist and known for her environmental activism. He said that all of us can be the voices for peace, truth and justice in this world. The discussion in 34 groups of 10 each students further enabled students to discuss the major issues. The responses were collated by Fr Cedric and he gave concluding remarks as to what the present world needs in terms of peace. Further he cited examples of Gouri Lankesh from Karnataka and Fr Stan Swamy, a Jesuit priest who fought for the rights of Adivasis in Jarkand. He urged students to be vigilant and fight for the unlawful activities of discrimination, injustice, disharmony and untruth.

Session on Constitutionality on 28.10.2022
Fr Cedric Prakash had asked all students to bring a copy of the ‘Preamble of the Constituion of India’ on previous day. It was touching to see that all students without exception brought it for the session. Some of them even prepared by hand presenting it beautifully.

At the outset Fr Cedric Prakash explained the importance of the Constitution of India describing it as the only one sacred book of all the citizens of India. He explained the terms ‘We the People’, Justice, Liberty, Equality and Fraternity from the Preamble and said that these are fundamental ethos of Indians. Students worked in groups to discuss on various issues of our nation that are witnessed daily by Indians such as illiteracy, gender inequality, discrimination based on caste, status, labour, fake news, etc. Each group presented them and Fr Cedric in his concluding message said that all of us need to be knowledgeable of what is happening in India and be ready to work in unison towards peace and justice to curb all the evil forces with courage, diligence and prudence.

These sessions were participative and inspirational. Students were actively engaged in listening, questioning about the current issues of India and sharing their knowledge during group discussions.

Sr Cynthia Pais BS,
Gulabi Girls’ High School, Bangalore















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