Although perceived as a mere fun activity, fancy dress is of great benefit to children especially for preschoolers and for children that are in the foundation years for building their imagination and vocabulary.

To enhance creativity, imagination and build confidence, a Fancy Dress Competition was conducted for the students of LKG, UKG and Primary at Bethany School Mulki. The students participated in huge numbers and showcased their versatility. There were variety and creativity in the students acting they acted leaders of our nations, nature, the usage of food, the use of vegetables the importance of manual work, the animals, queen, actress etc. The children dressed as freedom fighters and national leaders were brilliant in their own way. They were all smartly dressed up and took part with much enthusiasm. The students presented themselves by sharing information about the characters they depicted. The students also enjoyed coming dressed as Freedom fighters of India and taking part in the Fancy Dress Competition. They all looked vibrant in their colorful and different costumes and played their parts confidently. What matters most in such events is not winning or losing, but participation. All the Children felt very happy.

The objective that the children learn from this competition is to stand alone in the stage, it help them to build their confidence in themselves. They learnt about different personality.








Sr Zeena, Assistant Teacher
Bethany English Med Hr Pry School, Mulki



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