June 12: To mark the upspring of the new Academic year 2023-2024 an intensive provocative session was held on 25.05.2023 with the theme “ Called to Plan, Plan to Excel”. Sr Shubha BS, the Educational Coordinator offered the general welcome to the gathering. She detailed the vision and the distinguished qualities of Fr Founder.

Sr Cicilia Mendonca BS, the Corporate Manager delivered the opening message. She thanked the teachers for their dedication and called upon to own 3 ‘P’s- ‘Patience’, ‘Perseverance’ and ‘Positive thinking’ for effective teaching. Mrs Greeshma facilitated the programme. Thanks conveyance was by Mr Balakrishna Rai.

The Resource person of the day J C Tanuja Maben started the session with the ‘Transforming of self game’. She asked to reflect ‘Who am I? What am I? and Why am I here? She insisted that ‘Self Realization’ is the key to achieve academic success. She guided the teachers to inculcate the powerful ‘metaphor of an angle’ to fly at high altitudes and to embrace the ‘lions mentality’ to unleash the champion hidden within us to seek personal and academic success with unwavering focus on goals of education.
The session was effectively concluded with the target ‘Plan to Excel’.





Mrs. Kavitha A S, Asst. Teacher,
Sacred Hearts’ Higher Primary School, Kulshekar

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