The Corridors of Rosa Mystica echoed with excitement as the Institution welcomed its newest members with open arms during the much-awaited Fresher’s Day celebration. The event, meticulously organized by the senior students and faculty, aimed to create a warm and inclusive atmosphere for the incoming First PUC students.

The day commenced with a colourful and vibrant welcome ceremony, where the seniors extended heartfelt greetings to the freshers, reassuring them of a supportive journey ahead. The atmosphere buzzed with anticipation as the newcomers were introduced to the rich tapestry of opportunities awaiting them at the institution. A series of engaging activities and ice-breaking sessions followed, designed to foster camaraderie and friendship among the students. From interactive games to talent showcases, every moment was filled with laughter and enthusiasm, setting the stage for lifelong bonds to form.

The highlight of the event was the inspiring speeches delivered by distinguished guests Rev Sr. Leena Pereira, Superior, Rev Sr Roselyta, Correspondent, imparting words of wisdom and encouragement to the budding scholars. Their insightful words served as guiding beacons, inspiring the students to embark on their academic journey with zeal and determination.

As the day unfolded, the fresheners were welcomed into various clubs, and academic departments, providing them with a glimpses in to the diverse array of extracurricular and academic pursuits available to them. The Freshers’ Day celebration collimated in a spectacular cultural extravaganza, where the students showcased their talents through dance, music and drama. It was a mesmerizing display of creativity and passion, reflecting the vibrant spirit of the Institution. The Freshers’ Day celebration at Rosa Mystica PU College was resounding success, marked by warmth, camaraderie and a sense of belonging. It served as a memorable introduction into the vibrant academic community, laying the foundation for a fulfilling and enriching academic journey ahead.

The institution also marked environment day with a series of eco-friendly initiatives and awareness campaigns, emphasizing the importance of sustainability and environmental stewardship. Students participated in tree planting drives and workshops, reaffirming the commitment to preserving the plant for future generations.

Principal Dr Sr Sadhana BS, Principal welcomed the gathering, Mrs Sujatha compered the program and Mrs Carmela proposed vote of thanks.










Dr Sr Sadhana BS, Principal
Rosa Mystica PU College, Kaikamba










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