July 02: On Saturday 22nd June 2024 we had a seminar session on the topic “ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE” workshop Empowering Educators AI-Driven Teaching for a Brighter. Prayer was led by Mrs. Teena and group Mrs. Shashikala welcomed the gathering.

Fr Stephen Lobo, CD Digital Motivational Speaker, He gave Introduction towards the motivational thoughts. Teacher motivation is crucial for postering a positive and effective learning environment.

“Motivation should not be outside in rather inside out” motivated teachers are more likely to be engaged, innovative and committed to their student’s success. Until motivation in based upon external source you won’t be to create history because the moment source is taken out the motivation is lost.

Mr. Leo Victor Zalki, Oracle cettified AI Professional, He gave an introduction towards Artificial Intelligence.

And how does the AI works? Artificial intelligence involves creating systems that can perform tasks typically requiring human intelligenge. These tasks can include learning, reasoning, problem solving understanding language and perception.

He introduced about the apps like Chatgpt, Canva, Gamma, Microsoft Copilot,Suno and Mizou.

Using all these apps involves interacting with a conversational to AI to obtain information generate text, audio visual, converting image to videos,creating invitation, certificates, posters,cooking recepies etc.

By following these steps and tips, we can effectively use these apps in our teaching field.






Ms Chaya, Assistant Teacher
Bethany English Medium Higher Primary School Kilpady, Mulky














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