Aug 02:  An Orientation programme was held on 2nd and 3rd of August 2017 for the students, teachers and parents of St Antony’s Eng. Hr Pry School, Ponnampet, Coorg. Sr Agnesia was the resource person spoke separately to the boys and girls and she gave some tips on sanitation and personal health, “good touch” and “bad touch” to the girls. She instructed the boys to be positive in the life and to accept the life as it is, and try to change it. She advised them to be responsible and respectable their Parents, Elders, Teachers in life.

She addressed the group of teachers, saying, “A teacher should always observe the things deeply” of her students in the classroom games fields etc. This session was to creat an awareness in the teachers about classroom Management, to make Education more effective.

Teaching is always shouldn’t be only based on the syllabus, it should be taught and be more creatively for the lifetime of the students.

Addressing the parents, she said ಪ್ರೀಯ ಪೆÇೀಷಕರೆ , ತಮ್ಮ ಮಕ್ಕಳೊಂದಿಗೆ ಆಟವಾಡಿ ಅವರ ಮೇಲೆ ಒತ್ತಡ ಹೇರಬೇಡಿ. ಮಗುವಿನ ಮಾತಿಗೆ ಬೆಲೆ ಇರಲಿ. ನಿಮ್ಮ ಮಗು ಶ್ರೇಷ್ಠ ಎಂದು ಭಾವಿಸಿ. ಅಜ್ಜಿ ತಾತನ ಪ್ರೀತಿಯಿಂದ ದೂರ ಮಾಡದಿರಿ.
ಮಗುವಿನ ಹೃದಯದಲ್ಲಿ ದ್ವೇಷ , ಅಸೂಹೆ ಬಿಟ್ಟು ಇತರರನ್ನು ಪ್ರೀತಿಸುವ, ಗೌರವಿಸುವ, ಪ್ರಾರ್ಥನೆಗಳನ್ನು ತುಂಬಿಸಿ. ಉತ್ತಮ ರೀತಿಯಲ್ಲಿ ಸಮಾಜದಲ್ಲಿ ಬದುಕಲು ದಾರಿ ನೀಡಿ ಎಂಬ ಹಿತನುಡಿಗಳನ್ನು ತಿಳಿಸಿದರು.
The Parents, teachers and students appreciated and thanked Sr  Agnetia for good talks and thanked Sr Tina, the Headmistress for organizing the programme.

Sr Tina BS, Headmistress
St  Antony’s Hr Pry School, Ponnampet





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