Aug 19: In the Spiritual Journey of our life the staff of Bethany and Little Flower School spent a day in introspecting ourselves of our inner journey. “Arise! Be the Change”, is the call given by Rev Sr Severine Menezes who unfolded the love of God to us. Never look in to the mirror but look beyond the mirror. “Swift and steady wins the race” was the major focus highlighted to swim against the odds of life. Personal experiences, stories, songs, power point and dynamic work-shop focused on the value of life instilled in us Spiritual fervor. The Outer world is craving for love and concern. It’s the obligation for the teachers to come out of their inner world and handle the students in a creative way.        
                                                                                               “To Love Google in my brain
                                                                                                 Antivirus in my heart
                                                                                                 And Photoshop on my Face” was the Clarian call to the teachers

Sr Janet Santhumayor and Mrs Greeshma, Asst Teacher
Little Flower HPS, Darbe, Puttur




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