August 20: The dawn of 14 July 2021 emerged scintillatingly for each and every Sacred Heartian as we reveled in the fruit of the grueling 100 years of selfless service of the Congregation of the Sisters of the Little Flower of Bethany and stepped ahead to venture into the unknown territories. Amidst the awe-inspiring ambience, the programme instigated with the lighting of the sacred lamp by our ever-loving sisters, teachers and the cabinet.

The soulful prayer said by Sr Jacqueline Stella and teachers’ prayer dance gave a celestial start to the celebrations. Then poured in a row of felicitous events dramatizing the role of our congregation in empowering women, caroling the Centenary Symphony, twirling on the joyous notes and relishing the centenary cake.

Sr Lyra Lasrado, the guiding light and motivational force of Sacred Heart Family Barnala extolled the glory of Father Founder and the pioneer sisters and thanked the staff for their cooperation, support and optimism and for presenting the beautiful programme. With one accord, all roared ‘Long Live Bethany!’ Praying for the honours of the altar for the founder, Servant of God RFC Mascarenhas, she closed the flaps of the artistic model of the centenary year logo and led us into 101st year of this running stream.   
Nevertheless, the students of KG, Primary and High school expressed their joy by shooting videos of their gala performances. They danced in prayer to take the blessings of the Almighty for our prestigious Bethany family, presented the core values of Bethany and bowed their heads to our Founder R.F.C. Mascarenhas, enacted to recreate the memories of good deeds done for the upliftment of girls, poor and marginalized on Centenary symphony ‘A 100 years’.
This virtual experience of the celebrations elated the children with a sense of pride on the glorious past of Bethany saluting the unconditional love of Bethany sisters towards the society and congratulating them for converting the sapling grown by Father RFC Mascarenhas into a mighty tree by nurturing it day and night through their wisdom, knowledge and relentless hard work. We pray from the core of our hearts to the Supreme Being to ‘Let Bethany Grow, Flower and Bear Fruit!’  











Mrs Baljit Kaur and Mrs Parul, Assistant Teachers
Sacred Heart Convent School, Barnala

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