Nov 01 : The ceremony began with a solemn Thanksgiving Holy Eucharist at St Michael's Church, Westhill. Rt. Rev. Dr. Varghese Chakkalakkal being the main celebrant concelebrated the Eucharist along with 15 other priests. The participation of a large number of teachers from all the schools of Southern Province, representatives of students, PTA Executive members, parishioners of Westhill, religious from the neighboring convents, representatives from all the communities of Southern Province, the retired teachers, students past and present enhanced the solemnity of the day and was a great proclamation of the wonders the Lord has done.

Thereafter, the dignitaries were led to the open auditorium. At the very outset a meaningful and fitting tribute was given to SD RFC Mascarenhas, the Founder of BES and a great Educational visionary.
A warm welcome was accorded by Sr Sujaya, the Province Coordinator for education to everyone present. Sr Judy Varghese, the President of the program gave the keynote address emphasizing the society's commitment to innovation, inclusivity, and the pursuit of knowledge .Bishop Varghese Chakkalakkal inaugurated the program. The Honorable Mayor of Kozhikode, Mrs. Beena Philip, the Chief guest of the day Congratulated the management for the wonderful service BES gives to the human society. Other dignitaries-Sri .Manoj Kumar-DDE, Kozhikode, Smt .Anuradha Thayatt-ward member and Sri. Pramod Movanari, PTA President felicitated the occasion.

The day was filled with a sense of pride and nostalgia as the achievements and contributions of BES to education were highlighted through various presentations and speeches. All the former corporate Managers, BES Secretaries, Procurators and teaching sisters of the province both under BES and other managements and BES teachers with more than 20 years of service were honored acknowledging their dedication and hard work..

Another important item of the day was distribution of the Platinum Jubilee Education Fund to 9 girls who are pursuing professional studies.

Cultural performances and musical recitals on the 4 main priorities of the jubilee symbolizing the society's dedication to preserving its legacy for future generations were highly appreciated by the participants. As the ceremony came to a close, attendees mingled, sharing stories and memories, reinforcing the strong bonds that had been built over the years.

The closing ceremony of the Platinum Jubilee was a testament to the Bethany Educational Society's enduring commitment to excellence, and it left everyone with a sense of pride and optimism for the future of education under its stewardship.

Having shared a grand festive meal all bid goodbye to each other and the curtain of the Platinum Jubilee Fell.









Sr Sujaya BS
Province Coordinator for Education
Southern Province


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