A great son of the Indian Soil
With faith, hope and love he did Toil
A great man of God and man of prayer
Wrought miracles in Mangalore and else where
Held deep trust in God and his people
Led by the Holy Spirit founded Bethany
Continuous prayers with loving Mary’s Litany
Persevering efforts, devotee of Mary and St. Therese
Inclined to mother church and his Saints never to erase
Son of Lazarus and Joanna the role models

Born on 23 January 1875, on 4 March ordained
As a young priest, a zealous minister he remained
A fine scholar, pastor, dynamic preacher, builder of churches
Schools, homes, got elevated to Vicar general of the Diocese
of Mangalore in the District of South Kanara

Ten and twenty years held various positions
In fields both apostolic, Civic in distinctions
Founding Bethany was his Crowning Glory
July 16, 1921 founded Bethany an exciting story
The congregation of the Sisters of the Little Flower of Bethany

Over the years almost close to the century
Spectacular changes at the on set of the centinary
Houses studded like stars over the globe in numerous countries
His was a single mission to continue create and complete the century
Through countless good but fabulous ministries for the Kingdom

Pope Pius XII conferred on him the title
Of domestic Prelate – a Monsignor the pride of Bethany
He was instrumental in carrying forward the vision and legacy
Kept in store for his future Bethanites
His forte academically competent, spiritually apostolically, well grounded

His noble goals to uphold girl child and women empowerment
Dignity of labour, developmental works and sources of upliftment
Educational, apostolic, pastoral, social, medical, frontier missions
Bethany received from its infancy many noble options
Sd. R.F.C, Mascarenhas has passed on to Bethanites his legacy
As communities, as a church, as individuals, as a nation
Pleasant, sweet, grace- filled, up- building creation
And life – giving experience to strengthen and awaken
Go through trials, face diseases, famines, poverty, to reawaken
Unpleasant events, hurting, humiliating, saddening shocks to enrich

We pay tribute to the sacred memory of Sd. Mgr. R.F.C.
Who passed away on 23 December 1960 leaving enriching history
At over 85 years of age and now after his 58 Death Anniversary
Thanks giving masses at Bethany Houses a magnificent holy glossary
Commemorate again to get energised, inspired, transformed in the garden of Bethany

Humbly awaiting with pleasure at his deserving honours
Of the altar, for Blessed are the pure in heart
They will see God. Man of sincerity and holiness
To support this cause in all readiness and happiness
Treasure Trove of values taught by him are Bethanite’s cherished pleasure.
Sr M James BS
St Vincent’s Convent School, Berhampur

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