A plant with eleven buds,
One of them was so precious,
Made for special purpose,
To fumigate Bethany Gardens.
The bud bloomed to a flower,
Decided to serve the humanity,
Chose to be a nun,
Which proved her generosity.

Leaving behind other flowers,
Lina Maria became Sr. James,
Started her journey on the path,
Laid by Father Mascarenhas.

No longer a flower but an angel,
Visited Bethany gardens,
Transforming stones to gems,
With her soft spoken sentences.

She touched everyone’s heart,
As her English was excellent,
More than five decades.
Was the society served by Sr. James

On a Wednesday twilight,
She boarded heaven’s flight,
Time was five forty five,
But still there was light.

Sister breathed her last breath,
On her snowy soft bed,
Everyone kissed goodbye,
Their hallowed sister James.

Oh! Dear sister,
Your smiling face and cheer,
Make our eyes to drop tear,
Truly your absence felt here.

We pray for your eternal peace,
May your pious soul rest in peace.
May your pious soul rest in peace.   


Teacher – Mrs. Rashmita Sahu
St Vincent's Convent School, Berhampur



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