A great son of the Indian soil
With faith, hope and love, he did toil
Led by the Holy Spirit and continuous prayer
Did miracles in Mangalore and elsewhere.

Just at the age of twenty-five
Relentlessly he began his drive
Of saving many poor lives
With zeal that outlives.

He was great and kind
Enlightened the people’s mind
When there was darkness and no light
He rose up like the sun to shine bright.

Founded Bethany on 16th July 1921
And became the most beloved one
Always thought about the poor and took their care
With generosity and simple prayer.

His dream was to promote girls’ education
Who lacked hope and faced deprivation
In accomplishments he bloomed with a smile
Encouraged others to walk another mile.


Holy priest of Mangalore, Raymond Mascarenhas
Lived, loved and shared his life with others
Responded to God’s final call in nineteen sixty
Now resting in God for all eternity.

Gyanendra Kumbhar, Class IX
Bethany Convent School Jharmunda, Odisha









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