St. Theresa’s School in Mangalore showcased its exceptional talent and competitive spirit at the 'Magnificencia' 2023, an annual event hosted by St. Aloysius Pre-University College on November 3rd and 4th. The School participated in all 22 competitions, achieving remarkable success in various categories and ultimately securing the coveted title of Overall Champions.

The event, 'Magnificencia,' was a platform for schools to demonstrate their prowess in a wide array of competitions ranging from academics to the arts. Participants from St Theresa’s School truly left an indelible mark, clinching several top positions across the diverse competitions.

Here are some of the remarkable achievements by St Theresa’s School:

* In the 'JAM' competition, St Theresa’s School secured the 1st place.
* 'Dhim Keeta' enthralled the audience and judges, earning the 1st place.
* The 'Mind Matrix' challenge was conquered by St Theresa's School with a 1st-place finish.
* In the domain of performing arts, 'Folk Dance Mayur' earned 2nd place.
* Math enthusiasts excelled, with 'Maths Whiz' securing 2nd place.
* 'Pictorial Sprints' displayed creative talent, capturing the 2nd place.
* 'Kick Off' proved to be a thrilling event, and St Theresa’s School claimed the 2nd place.
* 'Trash Transformers' showcased their innovative thinking and took home the 3rd place.
* In the 'Maze Runner' competition Theresa’s School’s team showed exceptional problem-solving skills, securing the 2nd place.
* 'Retro Revival' was a blast from the past, earning St Theresa’s School 2nd place.
* The 'Mystery Box' event left participants in suspense, but St Theresa’s School managed to clinch the 2nd place.
These accomplishments were not just a testament to the students' dedication and hard work but also to the tireless efforts of the school's faculty members who mentored and guided them.

The Overall Championship at 'Magnificencia' 2023 was the icing on the cake for St Theresa’s School. It is a testament to the school's commitment to holistic education, nurturing both academic and extracurricular talents in its students.







Sr Lourdes, the Principal
St Theresa’s School, Bendur










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