‘Goa, a little star of the East’ is noted for its scenic beauty, filled with lush green mountains, endless beaches, valleys, rivers etc. And, almost hidden, to the extreme south of Goa, surrounded by huge mountains and beautiful valleys, and fitted with clean fresh air, the murmur of water from rivulets, the songs of different birds lies the beautiful village of Loliem. Loliem is a well-groomed place. It has hidden riches and treasure mainly in the natives, who are loving, kind, generous and hospitable to the externs. The majority of the population here is made up of the Hindus and the Catholics who live in complete harmony with each other. The linking bond is the spoken language Konkani.

St Sebastian’s High School, Loliem, was started by Fr Basilia Andrade in 1925, with Portuguese as its medium of instruction. It catered to the students till VII standard. It had to be closed down after 22 years due to administrative problems. After Goa’s Liberation, well wisher from the local parish founded the ‘Goodwill Education Society’ and opened an English medium School. Because of the kind donation of Mr Sebastian Caeiro the Society was registered, and it benefited the children from the locality and surrounding areas to a great deal.

During the tenure of Mr Ramchandra Naik a Science graduate, and the acting Headmaster of the school for 10 years, the endless conflicts with the management and the staff members, and the opening of another English medium School, in the locality, the parents were forced to withdraw their children from the school in search of better prospects. The strength of the school lessened. The very existence of the school was threatened. The department of Education issued a notice to close down the school.

Out of the two alternatives - either to close down the school, or hand it over to a missionary society - the management chose the latter and the OCD Fathers informed Sr Lucy Felcy, the thenSuperior of Bethany Convent Sao Jose De Areal Salcete, Goa. She as a daring person came to rescue the suffering students. She, informed the Bethany Management in Mangalore; they showed positive inclination towards the proposal. Mr Jacintho Fernandes the President, Mr Isidore Fernandes the Chairman and Mr Eugeriono Caeiro the Manager and Secretary handed over to the Bethany Congregation the schools with two buildings along with the minibus for children on 04 June 1998 on a temporary basis.

Sr Lucy Felcy was the prime mover of the stone that stood in the way to Loliem institution. Her keen sense of perception made her alert for the BES to remove the hurdles in its progress. She labored with great commitment as the Headmistress of St Sebastian high school, at Loliem. It was sad that she was hit by brain cancer and passed away on 31 August 2000.

St Sebastian’s High school with Primary and Nursery was handed over to Bethany Education Society Mangalore in 1999 on a permanent basis. Sr Lucy Felcy had made great strides in a short time and overcame all barriers. By the constant efforts in collaboration with the staff and parents, the school progressed. The Hostel served as a great help to add to the strength of the school. Ever since the BES took over the Management the progress was to the satisfaction of the locality and the Educational Department. After Sr Lucy Felcy, Sr Ida Lobo worked with dedication as a Headmistress for five years from 01.09.2000 to 06.06.2005. Then Sr Victoria Pais did her best from 07.06.2005 till 04.06.2007 as a Headmistress. After that, Sr Tressilla worked systematically for the betterment of the school as Headmistress from 05.06.2007 to 05.06.2011. Once again Sr Ida Lobo took over as Headmistress from 05.06.2011 and till date, doing her best for the growth and development of the children giving priority not only for excellence in education but also in imparting moral values so that the children are prepared to live in harmony and peace in this age of terrorism and uncertainties of nature. Equal opportunities are provided to bring out their talents by providing various activities and exposures to mix with the students of other schools in the local, Taluka, District and State level. Externally the school appears dilapidated but intellectually, culturally, morally, spiritually and socially students and the staff are highly enriched, equipped with the latest and modern gadgets to improve the standard of the children. Thus they are prepared for life. 


Address St Sebastian’s High School, Loliem Canacona Goa
Telephone No 0832   2640155
E-mail ID This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Year of Establishment 1962
Status KG to X
Aided/Unaided Aided
Affiliated to Goa Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education, Alto - Betim
Manager Sr Dominic Savio BS
Headmistress Sr Ida Lobo (Sr Ernestine BS)

Sr Dominic Savio BS

Sr Ida Lobo (Sr Ernestine BS)

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