The popular saying, “Well begun is half done”, is indeed very relevant in the context of completing the first quarter of our academic year 2023-24 in this much-awaited Platinum Jubilee year of Bethany Educational Society. There is a visible wave of excitement and celebration in all our institutions. The daily prayer recited for the Platinum Jubilee, Province-wise Platinum Jubilee celebrations, and much more, have created enthusiasm and put everyone in a festive mood.

It is indeed fascinating to note that our schools have performed remarkably well in the Board Examinations. The teachers have sacrificed their time and energy for their students. Keeping their hopes high, the students with hard work and persevering efforts have propelled themselves up the ladder of success. Our students leaving the portals of their Alma Mater are equipped with the vision, goals, and core values of Bethany Educational Society which will enable them to build their future with a newfound confidence and conviction.

A few lines from the Poem by M. Tarun Prasad, read as follows:
Don’t give up on your dreams; chase them instead;
You will find, one morning, as you wake up from bed,
That you are the person about whom you dreamed,
And you can reach great heights, impossible though it seemed.

When things go wrong and your back is to the wall,
Try to stand up; no more can you fall.
Life is full of ups and downs; take them in your stride.

As these verses suggest, direct your hopes and efforts to achieve the goals set for this academic year. I am quite confident that with the courage of your conviction, you will certainly reach your goals and position yourselves on your rightful destination in life.

Sr Sandhya BS
Secretary, BES


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