The final quarter of the year 2023 was quite thrilling and was of special significance for the educators of Bethany Educational Society as it also marked the closing phase of the Platinum Jubilee celebrations of Bethany Educational Society in all our institutions. There were also many other festivals like Dussehra, Diwali and Christmas each followed by a good number of holidays. Furthermore, celebration of Annual days, Sports days and organizing of picnics and tours added much glamour and excitement to the life of students and staff members alike.

The Platinum Jubilee milestone of BES is an inspiring occasion for reflection, and for retrospectively casting our gaze on the seven and a half decades of growth resulting from the vision of our esteemed Founder Servant of God RFC Mascarenhas. Through resolute determination and unwavering commitment, Bethany Educational Society has grown into a champion of knowledge and innovation. As we commemorate 75 years of laudable service, our hearts brim with gratitude and pay homage to the many personalities who have been part of this extraordinary journey.

BES has advanced steadfastly, making significant strides in the evolution of education through the auspices of BES Conventions, continually refining its pedagogical approach to transform learning into a jubilant and enlightening experience for students. The all-embracing theme, "Transformative Education for Fullness of Life towards Human Fraternity," echoes the very ethos of Bethany, rooted in its mission to uplift rural girls. Our firm commitment to the marginalized remains resolute. The Platinum Jubilee theme, with its steadfast focus on four priorities - justice, liberty, equality, and fraternity - alongside the promotion of peace and harmony, environmental stewardship, educational excellence, and self-reliance, must manifest as our guiding beacons in the years that lie ahead.

Let all our institutions rekindle their commitment and breathe life into this central theme in the present context. By doing so, we shall cultivate virtuous citizens and future leaders who will illuminate the path leading towards the continued greatness of our beloved nation.

The pages of this newsletter vividly unfold the Platinum Jubilee celebrations. May the year 2024 be filled with achievements and blessings in the midst of challenges our system of education faces today.

Sr M Sandhya BS
Secretary BES


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