August 22: Bethany School is a place where diversity and inclusivity are cherished and celebrated. This was evident in the vibrant and colourful celebration of Bihu that took place at the school on 19th May 2023. Students, faculty, and staff came together to honour their traditions, spreading joy and harmony all around.

Bihu, the traditional Assamese festival, was celebrated with great enthusiasm and zeal by the students and staff. The students presented a beautiful Bihu dance performance that showcased their skill and talent. The dances that were presented class wise brought in much joy and colour on stage and into the lives of each one present in the hall. Sr Sapna, the Principal of the school appreciated the efforts made by the teachers and the students in presenting their culture.

The celebrations were a true testament to the school's commitment to diversity and inclusivity. By honouring the traditions of different faiths and cultures, the school fosters an environment of understanding and respect. The students were given the opportunity to learn about different customs and practices, promoting a sense of curiosity and openness that will serve them well in their future lives. The celebrations were also a reminder of the importance of coming together as a community and celebrating our differences. The school's teachers and staff did an excellent job of conveying these messages to the students, ensuring that they understood the significance of these festivals beyond the festivities.


Mr. Ronen, Assistant Teacher
Bethany School, Guwahati





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