August 22: Bethany School, Guwahati came alive with colors, songs, and a strong sense of patriotism, as it celebrated the 77th Independence Day with fervor and pride on 12th August 2023. The Celebration began with a burst of youthful energy as the little champs from classes 1 to 4 showcased their talents in a fancy dress competition. Dressed as freedom fighters, national symbols and historic personalities, these young stars not only charmed the audience but also conveyed a powerful message about the sacrifices that paved the way for India’s Independence.

The students from classes 5 to 12 participated in patriotic singing competition. The melodious harmonies echoed through the air, carrying the spirit of unity and devotion to the nation. Each note seemed to resonate with the struggles of the past and the aspirations for a brighter future.
A moment of solemnity arrived on 15th August, as the National Flag was hoisted by the Chief Guest, accompanied by patriotic dance and song performances by the students. The atmosphere of reverence transitioned into a display of discipline and honor as the Scouts and NCC cadets of Bethany School took to the grounds for a March past accompanied by the school band. Amidst the festivities and fervor, the school’s principal, in her heartfelt message, emphasized the importance of peace and the need to love one another as brother and sisters. She reminded everyone that the true essence of freedom lies not just in political independence but also in the ability to coexist harmoniously embracing diversity and unity.



Mr. Rohan, Assistant Teacher
Bethany School, Guwahati


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