Feb 23: On 20th January 2024 Sacred Heart Convent International School, Ludhiana hosted a special prayer service for IGCSE and AS level students, creating a spiritually charged environment to seek divine blessings as they prepared for their upcoming board exams. The event brought together the management, teachers, parents, and students in a collective expression of hope and unity.

One notable aspect of the prayer service was the inclusion of verses from different scriptures, representing the diverse beliefs within the school community. Teachers took turns reciting verses from the Bible, Bhagavad Gita, and Guru Granth Sahib. The selected verses resonated with themes of wisdom, guidance, and strength, offering words of encouragement to the students embarking on their academic journey.

A poignant moment during the prayer service was the candle lighting ceremony. Participants, encompassing the management, teachers, parents, and students, collectively lit candles. This symbolic act aimed to dispel darkness and invoke positive energies, fostering a sense of togetherness and strength among all present.
The Entire Auditorium resonated with the belief that there shall be Showers of blessings upon our students, accompanying them through their exams and beyond.
Each heart prayed:"May the journey ahead be graced with the gentle promise that there shall be showers of blessings, nurturing the seeds of knowledge and resilience planted within each student's heart as they embark on their academic endeavours."









Mrs. Shaveta Arora, Assistant Teacher
Sacred Heart Convent International School, Ludhiana















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