July 29: The Tribune Inter -School Debate Competition on the topic Googalisation ‘Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down’ was held at Guru Nanak Public School, Sarab Nagar, One student had to speak for the motion and another against the motion in the events sponsored by Chithkara University. Deputy Commissioner Pradeep Agarwal was the chief guest on the occasion. Harpreet Kaur Kang Kang, Dean for International Affairs PCTE group of institutes and Sunil Kumar, Assistant professor, Malwa Central Coledge of education, were the judges for the debate.

The judges along with Jasbir Singh Ryath, President of the Management Committee, Guru Nanak Public School; Surinder Singh, General secretary of the committee and Mona singh, principal of the school, the debate began by lighting the ceremonial lamp. Students of Guru Nanak Public School recited gurbani shabad.

Anurag Joseph said, “Though theoretically it might seem that you can achieve more with ‘Googleisation’, technically things have become more complicated. We have become used to of living in the pseudo world and compromising on our own identity”.
“Brain has become vestigial organ as it is not being used the way it should be or used to be”, he pointed out. “We take pride in the creation of this technology, but how many brains were actually involved in its creation”. He argued “Because of sudden ease and freedom of access information, the technology s being taken for granted and some more than the use it is being abused”, he said. Miss use of technology is actually making the world restless place. As people don’t really know what to do with this freedom, the inherent instinct of aggression is getting fanned. Such free access to information has to be curtailed or monitored”, He won the second prize.

Vastav Ratra, said, “It is okay if Google was using the information for advertising and questioned what is the harm in it?” “Whether it’s the books we read, the clothes we wear, we use something that is being promoted in our day-to-day life,” he said. It is entirely an individual’s decision. He said, “there are countless benefits of Googleisation’. It is providing access of resources to people in different corners of the world, which would not have been possible for them to attain. It is shrinking boundaries. It is helping them get educated and get degrees from world class universities which wouldn’t have been feasible for them to get. “He was honoured with third prize.
After the conclusion o the debate, Deputy Commissioner Pradeep Agarwal said people need to become masters and not slaves of technology. “Technology is not bad, but it becomes a problem when it is misused. Same is true for ‘Googleisation’ and it needs to be used wisely to yield positive results,” he said.
Harpreet Kang gave tips to students about debating. She said while preparing for debates, they should carry out proper research, ask teachers and refer to books, instead of going directly to Google.

Sr Reshmi, Principal
Sacred Heart’s Sen Sec School, Ludhiana




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